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You explore the Toubkal Circuit Trek consists of 7 days trekking in the high AtlasMorocco, see a wonderful views of the Atlas Mountains Moroccan, greening valleysBerber villages, meet with local guide and muleteers, go to experience this adventuretrip in your life time. Toubkal ascent 4167m is the high peak in Morocco, and is a trekpeak. The way has been designed for keen hikers, as the ascent is non-technical, butinvolves some easy scrambling and snow slopes. All views from the top are amazing;across the mountains to Marrakech to the north, and the start of the Sahara desert tothe south. All around are the jagged summits of the High Atlas stretching as far as youcan see in all directions.Departure & Return LocationYour hotel in Marrakech centerMeeting Time8 amIncludes:Transport from and backto Marrakech Accommodation during the trek All meals and hot drinks during the trip Mountain guide Mules and (porters in winter)Crampons and ice axes (in winter) Sleeping bagExcludes: Mineral water Soft drinks Snacks Showers in the refuges Travelinsurance


What to BringFor Atlas Trekking you need to prepare as you would for walking in any mountain region; it canbe warm and sunny during the day but the weather in the mountains can quickly change fromsunshine to snow and cold winds (autumn through late spring). Please donot leave any rubbishbehind you; carry out what you carry in.Atlas Treks are tailored to match the season and your level of fitness. You have the choice ofbasing yourself in Berber Guesthouses, from where you can take daily walks, or you can AtlasMuleTrek for 2+ days. On mule treks you usually have the choice of staying in BerberGuesthouse/with families or wild camping in 2-person tents. In addition to regular packing, here isa Check List for AkalTrekking:GoodwalkingbootsandsocksComfortableshoes/slippersforcamp/guesthouseTrekkingpantsLightweightwaterproofover-trousers/rain-pantsClothes and Equipments:Should be dress according to altitude and the environment you will be located in. Themost hikers are in high altitude climate inremote area. Therefore, there are often largetemperature swings. Temperatures are usually colder at the high altitudes.Trekking Clothes:Trekking boots or light weightwalking shoes. Have comfortable footwear is essential for a good trek.Make sure all footwear is broken in well prior to your trek.Do not break in boots on your trek,A track suit and a pair of track shoes to wear in lodgesTwo pairs of woolen socks fortrekking shoes and track shoes,Warm down jacket and rain proof jacket with hood for protection from rainWarm hat for the cold and sun hat or cap for sunny daysA pair of woolen gloves and a pair sandals Cotton T-shirts and pairs of long shorts/skirts Woolen shirts and thick sweaters as well as wind and water proof trousers Pair of light or heavy weight trouser and one light weight long sleeve shirt Pairs of thermal undergarmentsEquipments: Big bag to carry trekking gear Trekking daypack for personal items such as water, snacks, extra layers and camera Water purification tablet and bottles Sleeping bag Travel Pillow Walking poles Head lamp Sun cream Handkerchief or wiping papers


  1. Money belt First-aid kit Sunglasses Gloves Liner Gloves (waterproof in winter) Down or synthetic, windproof outer Snow Goggles (winter) Hiking socks Trekking boots Refuge shoes-sandals Rain and windproof jackets Crampons and ice axes and Gaiters (for winter)ELECTRICAL Head torch & spare batteries Power pack-plugs are availablein the refuge for charging CameraTHINGS IMPORTANT Sun cream and lip salve Toilet roll Ear plugs Passport, travel insurance details, money, credit cards, plane ticket Book, cards, games etc Antibacterial hand gel Wash kit-there are showers in the hut Towel KIT PERSONAL MEDICAL Paracetamol Ibuprofen Antiseptic Wipes Latex gloves Plasters Zinc Tape Rehydration Sachets Throat Lozenges Knee/ankle support egg. Tub grip Crepe Bandage Imodium for diarrhea SudocremNoted:Trekking equipments are available. Ifyou do not wish to buy equipment, wecan rent them for you the duration of your trek with reasonable prices.

  2. ItineraryDay 1Day One: MARRAKECH-IMLIL-TACHEDDIRTWe leave Marrakech After breakfast then drive to Imlil valley via Asni. Imlilis themain trail for hikers, and a bustling market town. There is a constant movement ofpeople coming down the mountain, and an equal distribution of the activity of thosewho are about to embark on the adventure. We meet our team and once all ourequipment is loaded, we start walking along the valley towards Tacheddirt some 8kmsbeyond Imlil. Soon, the trail begins to increase as we climb to Tizi N’Tamatert(2279m). We then descend the pretty village of Ouaneskra and continue for anotherhalf-hour, Tacheddirt (3000m), where we usually camp near the river.Day Two: TACHEDDIRT-AZIB LIKEMTCrossing the valley, we begin a long, slow climb to Tizi Likemt (3555m). The courseis quite difficult because there is a considerable amount of debris on the ground. At thetop, we enjoy our first view of the well Toubkal before a long descent down to thevillage of Azib Likemt, where we camp for the night.Day Three: AZIB LIKEMT-TIZI N’OURAI-AMSOUZERTThis long but relatively easy day takes us through a variety ofcontrasting landscapes.Of Tizi Ououraine (3120m) we enjoy other views Toubkal, the top face is Ifni and theDome (3876m). The trail leads to Amsouzert, one of the most striking villages in theregion, where we spend the night-dormitories-Cottage in asimple village.Day Four: AMSOUZERT-IFNI LACWest Amsouzert are several small villages, we are exploring as we make our way toLake Ifni, the only lake in the mountains. This is an unforgettable sight, surrounded byRocky Mountains and giant piles of rubble, and it is unusually deep. We expect toarrive before noon and spend the afternoon relaxing at the beach. Evening we camp inthis area.Day Five: LAC IFNI-TOUBKAL REFUGEBy now we should be both good and conditioned and ready to face the most difficultday of the trek. We make our way along a steep path that leads talus seeminglyendless. Finally we reach the Tizi n’Ouanoums (3664m), a narrow ledge of rockbetween two trees. From there it is a long zigzag descent to Nelter Hut, a mountain hutwhere wespend the night (or alternatively outside the camp).Day Six: REFUGE–TOUBKAL ASCENT-IMLILWe leave before dawn, following a well-worn route to the summit. If the conditionsare right it should not take more than 2-3 hours to reach the summit.

  3. clear view of the range and Atlas Marrakech plain beyond. Back to base, we thendescendquickly enough to the villages of Sidi Chamharouch and Aremd beforeMizane follow the river along a path well wooded to the trailhead at Imlil.Day Seven: AROUMD VILLAGE (1900M)-IMLIL (1700M)–MARRAKECHAfter breakfast start from our Lodge towards thesouth to the Berber village ofAroumd (Aremd) , up and down the stark slopes, the jagged Western High Atlas peaksof the Toubkal Massif before us–mount Aguelzim (3,547m), Aksouâl (3,847m) andthe Adrar Adj (3,122m) watching us all the way, lunch on the nature and then return toLodge, have shower and then transfer to MarrakechTHIS TREK AVAILABLE FOR FOUR SEASONS


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